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kudosKit is about helping users show their appreciation for your app.

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Detecting when is the right time to convert your users love to actions

The secret magic behind kudosKit is the real-time server which analyzes the behaviour patterns of your users. This allows for the system to decide which user is ready to action and show his appreciation for your app. Staying out of the way of your warming up users, and approaching loyal & engaged users.

How does it work?

Get to know your users

kudosKit live dashboard

The live dashboard allows you to gain insight on your users and their usage patterns, keep track of appreciation collected in real time, and keep everything under full control (Also check out its 1337 mode)

About us

We're the team which developed the good weather app. After sweating our ass off to create an app we learned how hard it is to get distribution and getting paid for our work. When we opened an option for our users to show their appreciation we were surprised how well it works so we decided to take this platform forward and made this our project - to reclaim the value of the app community by doing it differently and better.

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